Programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be performed by a machine, particularly a computer.
Computer networking is the engineering discipline concerned with communication between different computer systems or devices.
Telecommunication is communication at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves.

Why Microsoft Academy?

Why Microsoft Imagine Academy ?
  • Accommodated by the Faculty of Computer Science and the Information Technology, Microsoft Imagine Academy at the University of Puthisastra is appointed to offering a wide range of skills based on Microsoft Curriculum.
  • The University of Puthisastra has teamed up with Microsoft to give the best cutting edge training, materials and hands on experience.
  • Provided by instructors who are trained on the latest Microsoft Technologies.
  • Very low cost compared to the other.
  • High equipped laboratory for each student.
  • Awarding certificate after successful completion of the courses.
  • Prepare to take internationally recognized IT Certification Exams and provided a competitive edge in the market place.
  • Reduced online examinations fees.
  • Build a global community of learners and educators.