Programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be performed by a machine, particularly a computer.
Computer networking is the engineering discipline concerned with communication between different computer systems or devices.
Telecommunication is communication at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves.

Bachelor Degree

 For the last few decodes, most companies are aware of the importance of IT employees. For this reason, those companies are willing to offer hight pain for IT employees who have most up to date IT skills and knowledge. In response to the increasing demands for qualified IT employees, UP offers academic programs that delivers the most up-to-date learning skill and technologies. Students who graduated IT from UP will be easy to get hired, not only in local but also abroad.
Why Study at UP Job Opportunities
  • Courses of Microsoft and Cisco Academy are integrated into curriculum
  • Highly skill and experiences lecturers
  • Delivering uo-to-date skills and technologies
  • Hight facilities and learning enviroment
  • Computer Club and other extra-curricula activities
  • Internship and job opportunities
  • Scholarship to study abroad
Students who graduate this program will be able to apply their knowledge in the administration and management of Information Technology Systems such as:
  • Networking
    • Windows Server Administrator
    • Network Security officer
  • Programming and Database
    • Database Administrator
    • Developer on Console, Windows and Web
    • E-Commerce Web Developer
    • Web Master
  • Telecommunication
    • Mobile Operator
    • Network Security Officer
    • Satelite Operator
    • Data Transmission Officer
Program Offers
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Major in Networking
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Major in Database and Programming
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Major in Telecommunication
Note: starting from year 3, students are required to study specialized course depend on major they choose.
Tution Fee
 Science and Technology
Concentration Year 1 - Year 4
Networking $650/Year
Database and Programming $650/Year
***តម្លៃសិក្សានេះនិស្សិតនឹងទទួលបាន ឯកសារ អេឡិចត្រូនិច លើមុខវិជ្ជា Microsoft ដោយឥតគិតថ្លៃ។
Credit Requirement
Department of ICT Credit Requirement for each Specialization
Course Classification  Networking  Database and Programming  Telecommunication
General Education Courses 33 33 33
Core Required Courses 66 66 66
Specialized Courses 21 21 21
Elective Courses 6 6 6
TOTAL CREDIT 126 126 126
Foundation Course Credits
Applied Mathematics 3
Big History 3
Computer Application I 3
Computer Application II 3
Console Application Programming Language 3
Configuring and Troubleshooting Win-Server Net-Infrastructure 3
Data Communication 3
Data Structure & Algorithms
Database Concept
English I
English II
Fundamentals of Windows Server
Information Literacy & Research
Introduction to Mobile Technology
Introduction to Programming
Khmer Studies
Math Statistics
Microsoft Access Database
Mutimedia & Graphic Design
Public Administration
Self Development
Microsot Windows Client
Mathematics for Computing
Database & ProgrammingCredits
ADO.NET Programming in C# 3
Data Warehouse
Dynamic Web Application
Java Programming
Linux System Administration - Basic
Microsoft Sharepoint Server
Object Oriented Programming and Design Pattern
Oracle Essential DBA
Oracle Intermediate DBA
Web Development with PHP & MySQL 1
Web Development with PHP & MySQL 2
IT Research Methodology
Digital Signal Processing 3
Electro-Magnetic Field
IT Research Methodology 
Microwave and Antenna
Mobile and Wireless Communication
Optical Fiber Communications
Radio Communication 
Radio Network Planning and Optimization
Satelite Communications 
Telecom Transmission System 
Telecommunication System I 
Telecommunication System II 
CCNA 1 3
Computer Network Security 
Configuring and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Server ADS 3
Configuring, Managing and Troubleshooting Mail Server 3
IT Research Methodology 3
Java Programming 3
Linux System Administration - Basic 3
Linux System Administration - Advanced 3
Microsoft Sharepoint Server 3
Microsoft Windows Server Virtualization 2008 3
Microsoft Windows Server Clustering 2008 3
Microsoft Windows Server Powershell 3.0 3
Planning and Implementing Microsoft Windows Server 3
Web Development with PHP & MySQL 1 3
Elective CoursesCredits
Project Management with Microsoft Office Project 3
System Analysis and Design 3
Seminary and Term Paper 3
Preparation CoursesHours
Static Web Application (HTML5,CSS3,JQuery) 30
Microsoft Office Application (Word,Excel,PowerPoint) 30
Computer Graphic Design (2D, 3D) 30
Windows Client 8 30
Windows Server 2008 30
C# Programming Language 30