Programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be performed by a machine, particularly a computer.
Computer networking is the engineering discipline concerned with communication between different computer systems or devices.
Telecommunication is communication at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves.

One Year Training

Why is important to study Professional Short Course at UP?
Whether you are new to the field or want to take your skills to the next level, Microsoft IT Academy Certified Partners for Learning Solutions can help by providing highly interactive and comprehensive classroom training, online training, and facilitated.

UP employed Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT), who is the only individuals that Microsoft authorizes to deliver training that utilizes Official Microsoft Learning Products. MCT help ensure that you receive a superior learning experience so that you can improve your skills to deploy and support software, develop solutions, and oversee IT projects.

Sample of Microsoft Achievements:
Course Course Title Credits Hours
Core Courses 12 180
1 SC101 Implementing and Maintenance Windows Client and Server Operating System 3 45
2 SC102 Microsoft Office Access Database 3 45
3 SC103 Introduction to Programming with C# 3 45
4 SC104 Data Structure and Algorithsm 3 45
Network Administrator Skill 21 315
5 SC105 Windows Server AD and Services 3 45
6 SC106 Linux Operating System 3 45
7 SC107 Windows Server Virtualization 3 45
8 SC108 Planning for Windows Server 3 45
9 SC109 Network and System Security 3 45
10 SC110 Implement and Maintanace Mail Server 3 45
11 SC111 Microsoft Sharepoint Server 3 45
Database and Developer Skill 21 315
5 SC112 Implement and Maintenace SQL Server Database 3 45
6 SC113 Windows Application with C# 3 45
7 SC114 PHP and MySQL Server 3 45
8 SC115 Dynamic Web Application with C# 3 45
9 SC116 Implement and Maintenance Oracle Databbase 3 45
10 SC117 Object Oriented Programming and Design Pattern 3 45
11 SC118 Microsoft Sharepoint Server 3 45

Professional Skill Total Credits Total Hours Fee/Credit Amount
Network Administrator Skill + Core Courses 33 495 $19.00 $627.00
Database and Developer Skill + Core Courses 33 495 $19.00 $627.00